Jeans #2

Back #1

Back #2

OK. Not impossible. I took a deep breath and unstitched the waistband (which I’d put on upside down). Turned it around, stitched it back on. Added the waistband facing and stitched it down.

I did it, not to salvage the pants – there are problems with how the back of the legs is hanging (because of the fact that the side seams are out by 2″, right?). It’s the bum I was interested in and I can see it’s not bad (click on the images to see the fit more clearly). Had I done the construction correctly, the back would be fine – except for the pockets which are too low – for me, the pockets have to be almost on the yoke seam and not 2″ below which they are (which means I have to attach the yoke before putting the pockets on the back). If raised, the point of the pocket would be in a better location.

There’s also a problem in the front –

Pants Front

the front waistline has to be dropped half an inch – with it that bit too long, the front crotch has “smiles” – which is something I definitely don’t want. (Part of the “smiles” is because I’ve been sitting in them while writing this – but I will shorten the front rise that 1/2″ in the next pair).

Also I’m rethinking adding 1/4″ to each side seam – having had the pants on for 15 minutes I think the legs may actually be fine as they are (given the 20% stretch in the fabric).

Other than that, the pants aren’t too bad. They have served well for a muslin. Nevertheless, they’re still going into the “send to Value Village” pile – but the NEXT pair will be PERFECT! Really.

4 thoughts on “Jeans #2

  1. You might try “squaring off” (just slightly) the crotch seam at the back…rather than a curved crotch seam. Seems to work a bit better than the rounded seam most North American pant patterns have. Although a small adjustment, I’ve found it eliminates some of the creasing just below the derriere. The amount taken off for the “square” crotch can be added directly across some the square, at the side seam. I’ve also noticed that many European pants have “extended” back crotch seams and less front crotch seams….In other words some of the front crotch seam has been added to the back…Does this make sense?? But,again, although it seems like a small adjustment, the slacks/pants/jeans really do seem to fit just that much better….
    BTW..thanks for the great blogs…really enjoy reading them….

    • Since I’m planning on making a pair tomorrow, I’ll look at the pattern and see what I can do. I’ll try a fix on the “muslin”. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Good to know someone else sews things inside out and/or upside down! It seems to happen to me far too often lately. However, my ripping out techniques and skill has never been stronger. Yah!

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