Socks Restored

Finished restoring these two pair of socks last night.

They were holdovers from a batch I restored well over a year ago. After replacing heels in a half-dozen pair of socks I’d had enough. This pair, however, although I had set up for new heels – I’d run a stitch-holding thread where the heel began and though the instep, cut out the worn heel – I put them aside.

Socks Renovated!

Marlene’s birthday is at the end of the month. I thought it time to repair these two pair of socks and give them back to her. These were two of the original Kaffe Fassett yarns I’d bought a long time ago. The original heels used the rust/brown yarn but I had none in my stash and couldn’t find any in town so I matched up the dark blue, instead. Works fine.

Both pairs look like new socks. They should each get another couple years of wear.

3 thoughts on “Socks Restored

    • The legs and feet are perfectly good. It takes me 25 hours to knit a pair, 3-4 hours to remove and knit new heels. A good use of my time, wouldn’t you say?

      • Absolutely. Our quilt took me a long time but seems it was the second one I made I did a cheater binding (pulled the backing material to the front) with as expected results. 10 years later it’s toast but the quilt is good although super faded. So for $9 of new material I am adding a proper binding..again like yours it makes sense

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