Putting Words To How I Feel…

Yesterday I got to the point where I could verbalize how I was feeling: disappointed and let down. Then my sister Donna sent me a link to Frank Bruni’s piece in the NYT:

Photo From The NYT

It’s always assumed that those of us who felt certain of Hillary Clinton’s victory in 2016 were putting too much trust in polls.

I was putting too much trust in Americans.

I’d seen us err. I’d watched us stray. Still I didn’t think that enough of us would indulge a would-be leader as proudly hateful, patently fraudulent and flamboyantly dishonest as Donald Trump.

We had episodes of ugliness, but this? No way. We were better than Trump.

Except, it turned out, we weren’t….

Some 46 percent of the Americans who cast ballots for president in 2016 picked him, and as he moved into the White House and proceeded to soil it, most of those Americans stood by him solidly enough that Republicans in Congress didn’t dare to cross him and in fact went to great, conscience-immolating lengths to prop him up. These lawmakers weren’t swooning for a demagogue. They were reading the populace.

And it was a populace I didn’t recognize, or at least didn’t want to.

Read the complete article yourself – he wrote it a week or so before the election, I wonder what he’s got to say now. I will keep an eye out for his next article.

5 thoughts on “Putting Words To How I Feel…

  1. I keep asking the rhetorical question: What policies have benefited those who vote for him, that supercede the hatred and divisiveness he has generated? And, if you can justify your mostly small tax cut and enjoyment of his derision of political correctness over separation of babies, toddlers and children from their parents, 230 000 dead people, spreading Covid-19 virus, loss of leadership in dealing with global warming, then I am done. This was a very good, but sad article. It should lead to reflection for every one, as leaders of this ilk seem to be on the rise.

    • Same questions I ask myself – how can any LGBT person, Latino, Black, Indigenous, female person vote for him? Frank Bruni’s thoughts last week really resonated for me. Thought they might for o few others. Thanks for commenting.

    • Teri yesterday I was useless, I felt so let down and disappointed. Even though it looks like Biden/Harris may actually win the election, with a Rep senate they’re going to have their hands tied behind their backs. However, life will go on. Some stuff may get done. In any case, find something simple that makes you smile – that crow perching on the chimney next door, the last bloom on your geranium on the patio, the glorious sunny day, or a terrific snow storm. There are a gazillion things around you to help you remember the day positively. Keep looking around you, girl!

  2. It’s interesting that I’ve heard and read that what it really shows is that overall they want to support no change and continue on as a white supreme country. I’ve also heard it said that the German’s in the early 40’s were listening to the same rhetoric about how “others” were taking away their wealth etc. Here it’s others are looting and killing and yet it appears, from the outside, that it’s really a lot of white supremacy that seems to stand at the head of trouble.
    And yes I know I shouldn’t throw stones as we live in a glass house as well and we have created indigenous and black issues as well with decisions made by our government. But overall I’d say we’ve melted into the pot a little more smoothly. Plus we don’t drive or walk around the polling stations waving our guns in the air.

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