Diamonds III – Top Finished

I’ve been working steadily on the quilt top. Yesterday I completed the 8th row of tumbling cubes – leaving just a row of diamonds to complete the top row.

Diamonds III - Tumbling Blocks
Diamonds III – Tumbling Blocks

I trimmed the diamonds on each end and then began working on the quilt back.

I had already set up seven hexagons from leftover triangles I’d cut previously when working on the Diamonds II quilt. I auditioned them against a backing fabric I found in one of my drawers (didn’t have to go buy more fabric!) – the questions was whether to place them on-point or lay them flat. I decided, on-point was more interesting.

I cut a strip of backing fabric wide enough to cut triangles to fill in the spaces, sewed the strip together then set the insert strip into the backing fabric.

Diamonds III - Quilt Back
Quilt Back

Because of the cubes on the top of the quilt, these hexagons imply cubes when you look at them.

The quilt sandwich is now pinned together and ready to be quilted. I’ll work away at that over the weekend and next week. I just have to create an embroidery design to fit each cube and then I’m ready to quilt.

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