Art Quilts

A sudden change of plans – I was at Sew With Vision – the Pfaff shop not far from my house to pick up some ball-point needles for my embroidery machine (to sew knit fabric) on Thursday. It turned out that another quilter was at the shop that morning, practicing “free motion” embroidery – she was going to be attending a 5-day workshop with Laurie Swim – a quilt artist who makes amazing art quilts.


This one is called “Incoming Fog”. Check out her site – there are lots of images there of quilts she’s done.

Anyway, I emailed Laurie that evening asking her to put my name on the list for the next workshop – figuring this one was full, when I got an email back saying there was one place still available. This was yesterday – the workshop starts Monday morning! I spent the rest of the day sorting through my photos to choose a couple of possible images that might make an interesting art quilt, went through my stash of fabric to find a stack to take with me, then the thread (variegated, embroidery, specialty), and collected up my tools. This morning I packed all that stuff up ready to take with me tomorrow.

I’ll report each evening on how this all unfolds. I cancelled all appointments this coming week. Should be a great time.

Below is a sample of the images I’m taking with me:

asaparagus house cropped  Asparagus Field

second beach cropped  Launch at Second Beach

blomidon cropped  Blomidon from  Avonport

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