Lattice Quilt – Kaffe Fassett IX


Yesterday I finished this Lattice Quilt using Kaffe Fassett / Philip Jacobs large pattern fabrics. (The back used a Philip Jacobs fabric with an inserted crazy quilted piece.)

Cutting and assembling this quilt wasn’t the challenge; figuring out how to quilt the “blocks” was. In the end I set up an 8×8 design – 20 blocks in all (leaving some of the sashing unquilted), thirteen 3×8 blocks, two 3×3 blocks and then a design for the border.

This quilt has turned out a wee bit larger than my usual lap quilts – the design forced that – had to use an even number of blocks to make the lattice symetrical.

6 thoughts on “Lattice Quilt – Kaffe Fassett IX

  1. I found this post via a Pinterest link to one of your other Kaffe Quilts. I absolutely love this. You showcased the large scale prints beautifully. I am going to see if I can draft my own version of this.

    • Hint: I started with a 4-patch block, cut it into 9 pieces – 2 vertical cuts, 2 horizontal cuts then joined them back together with sashing. I no longer own the quilt and I can’t remember the dimensions of the original blocks in the 4-patch and I can’t measure them, or the ratio I used for cutting the 4-patch into 9 pieces! If you enlarge part of the image you should be able to figure out those dimensions for yourself.

    • Yes, and no. I had seen a picture of a quilt like this that had blocks created with sashing running through the blocks. I had a collection of Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs large print fabrics in those blue/turquoise/purple shades and thought they would work well with the white fabric with tiny blue dots. If it’s helpful, I can take a photo of just a couple of blocks so you can see how they’re constructed.

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