The Escher Quilt Revisited

Imagine my surprise when I checked my latest Pinterest daily digest to find a synopsis with 8 quilt alongs linking to my description of how I worked out The Escher Quilt!

Finished Escher Quilt

The post was by “” – you can get all the “quilt alongs” by following this link:

Have fun – I’d say this is an advanced intermediate quilt (definitely not for a beginner, even with instructions).

Another note you wouldn’t pick up if you didn’t read through the comments is this one:

Just keep in mind you need 25 fabrics – one solid for the “background” triangles and any borders you plan on adding; 24 patterned fabrics – 8 light, 8 medium, 8 dark (…. You’ll likely do a lot of auditioning to build a collection of 24 fabrics. As for the background, I suggest a navy (which is what I used given the colour blend of my fabrics) but black is certainly a good option (that was the background colour in the original photo I saw). All the best with this quilt. One other thought, because trying to pull together a collection of 24 fabrics can be daunting you might consider a kit that has selected fabrics for you (these quilt kits are reasonably priced:—Batik-x46838321.htm).


It’s a small world!

6 thoughts on “The Escher Quilt Revisited

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